For Fridays in the month of February, Andrew and I are going to answer a question.  Each of us will write a post about our marriage and share it with one another online . . . at 5:00 pm on Friday.  We will not see one another’s post until it has been posted for the world to see.  This week’s question:  What is your favorite thing that your spouse has done for you?

The absolute truth is that I married the kindest human being on the planet.

I adore all of who Andrew is, and he does so many things for me in so many different ways that I am daily humbled.  This is a man who is gifted at SO much.  I feel such gratitude every time he fixes something, or shovels, rubs my back, or plays with Cole.  He is a wonderful cook and prepares three meals a day and does the grocery shopping.  Every little thing he does, I so appreciate.

So I could list a thousand acts of kindness I am grateful for, probably almost a thousand a day!

But the one that really touched my heart happened after we had a disagreement.  In all honesty I do not really remember what it was that disagreed about . . . the times that we argue are few and far between.  I do remember that I wanted space, and that we lived in a little tiny condo and did not feel like I could have the space.  We had one car at the time, so Andrew headed out on foot, encouraged me to have a good day, take the car, do whatever was best for me and that he would be back later.

When he returned, this is what he showed me . . .


This is my introverted husband.  He walked all over two towns.  What a wonderful gift to this woman’s soul.