Today we headed off on our Saturday Adventure with Watson Adventures.

We chose the Freedom Trail Hunt.

This was Susan’s first time walking around Boston.  She had never been to these historic places.

This was no easy hunt, we were running all over, and the entire time Andrew had Colton on his back.

For our non-Boston friends, the Freedom Trail is a trail of bricks connecting lots of historic Boston places.  We chased it all around.

We went to the King’s Chapel Burial Ground and ran around looking for the grave of Elizabeth Pain, the woman who is supposedly the inspiration for Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter.

Question for you . . . why did Liza pose by this grave?

For a clue you should check out this post.

We loved that this Scavenger Hunt had the Sharpteam going to places in Boston they had never been, like inside the building that houses the Boston Clock Tower, the old Custom House.

Here are Andrew and Cole finding what year Dobbie got his money.

If you are ever finding the answer for this, don’t forget to look up.

Susan seemed to enjoy being in Boston.

I am not so sure she enjoyed the questions and answering them.

But here are her limbs helping us find some answers

(remember no pics of Susan’s pretty face can go online).


Our favorite clue was decoding this sign in the North End.

We had a great hunt.

We learned more about our city,

We explored more of our city,

and we had a beautiful day in the city.

A good day.

And Cole’s favorite thing was probably . . .