Susan has been with us for two and a half months now.  It was my intent to post along the way.  For a number of reasons I have not.  Mostly because adding a teen to the family changes the rhythm of everything, so the timing has been different.  Partially I have not been posting because there have been hard places.  In the midst of the hard, we work at still being intentional.  So we have included Susan in how we live.  Part of how we live is to adventure where we are.  We live on the North Shore of Boston, and it is beautiful.  One Monday after school I took just Susan to Tuck’s Point, above, and we took pictures and explored.  Here she is taking pictures of the ocean.  She too loves to get out and see the beautiful place where we live.  She has lived on the North Shore and has not seen any of these places.

Of course we took her to one of our all time favorite spots, Halibut Point.  It was on a particularly cold day this March.

Susan commented on how good it was to get out.  It is good for all of our souls to adventure, to embrace, to discover.

Lately on Sunday afternoons after Cole’s nap we have gone on North Shore excursions.  We went to another favorite, Norman’s Woe, and enjoyed the view from the cliffs.

Here are the boys, being pensive.

Spring is almost here.  Our North Shore explores will soon be filled with leaves and flowers.  There is a beauty always in the just before . . . in the preparation.  It has a beauty all its own.

And while we are all in this time of in between, we might as well embrace it for what it is . . . and Cole would encourage us to  . . . 


Happy exploring, friends.