We said good bye to Susan today.

It was not planned, and it was not as we would have liked.

The Sharpteam is sad, and our hearts have broken a little more.

I had not posted a recent adventure.  We decided to take Susan Letterboxing, one of our favorite activities.  You can see a previous letterbox here.  We went to another favorite place on the North Shore, the Gloucester Lighthouuse, pictures of a previous Lighthouse Lunch here.  We followed this letterbox . . .

We walked out to the Breakwater

It is an impressive sight, the half mile of granite made to protect the harbor

Susan found the stone marked “1905”

She found the rockwall and two removable stones . . .

And she found the letterbox!

Though we have done dozens of letterboxes, this is the first time that we have brought stamps and signed the book, Susan did too.

We have walked through many firsts with Susan

And she walked through many firsts with us.

We are grateful for our time together, and we miss her already.