The Sharpteam has definitely lost their rhythm a bit . . . as you can see in my blogging.  But the truth is we hold to intentionally keeping rhythm where we can.  So last Saturday we embraced the Saturday as a family of three and enjoyed the New England Aquarium.

Our library offers a library pass at a discounted rate.  We love library passes!

Outside the Aquarium they were having a seal show.  So Cole started the day up close with the seals and the penguins . . .

Inside he had tremendous views of turtles

And divers (this confused him a bit)

He watched the action at the top of the tank with Papa . . .

And looked at the jellyfish with Mama (Liza was stung by one of these once).

Such fun days these are . . . we are loving twenty two months and he loved the Aquarium!