We updated our mantel in April, it is not my favorite mantel, so I think that is why I have not posted.  My favorite mantel was our Winter Mantel.  That mantel held meaning for us that was hopeful and looking forward . . . so much meaning I wrote a couple of posts about it here and here.

We chose to go with a mirror above the mantel this time, along with many empty containers.  We chose this light and airy feeling because Spring was a time of real reflection for us (we took the mirror from my closet, you can see it here).  We felt as if we were being called to empty ourselves.

My friend, Ashley, passed along a devotional by St. Augustine when I shared with her the journey I was on this Spring.  In it Augustine writes,

God means to fill each of you with what is good; so cast out what is bad! If he wishes to fill you with honey and you are full of sour wine, where is the honey to go? The vessel must be emptied of its contents and then be cleansed. Yes, it must be cleansed even if you have to work hard and scour it. It must be made fit for the new thing, whatever it may be.

So we gathered empty containers.  We chose to only add a bit of nature to two.  We choose to have open hands in this season and be filled with what God has for us.

It has not been at all what we expected.  There has been a good deal of change in the past month, but it is beautiful and good.

More to come in days ahead.

I am linking to the summer mantel party at The Lettered Cottage . . . since we won’t change this mantel out until the end of June.