Happy Father’s Day to you, Andrew.  If Colton were able to articulate it, he would thank you and praise you for all you do.

Instead, in these days, he expresses all that love to you with that big, wide-open smile and by running to you with pure joy, his arms extended and giving you “big hugs.”  He adores you.

And that love will deepen and I know his respect will grow.

You have stepped into fatherhood with such devotion and integrity.  You live each day in a way that helps our boy know that he is valued and cared for.

You have never hesitated to participate in any part of parenting.  You have loved him with all of who you are and I know that loving him has stretched you and grown you.

And the ways in which you father challenge me and stretch me.

So thank you for climbing boldly to places that I would not go without you.  Thank you for giving Cole all different kinds of adventures and vistas.

We both love and adore you.  Happy Father’s Day!