The decision has been made . . . blogging is about to commence again for the Sharpteam.

Blogging has proved to be two things for me (Liza):  accountability and community.

When I make blogging goals I feel accountable about following up on things in my day to day life.  The is was true when I started the blog just writing about Foster Care.  It continued to be true for me as we chose to focus in and get organized and get green.  It was especially  true throughout my 40 for 40.  So it begins again this summer.

I am spending many of my summer days with Cole. There is lots that is wonderful about this . . . and there is a good deal that makes me concerned . . . so I have decided to adventure into it with intention.

After much thought, prayer, and inspiration (seeing what some blogger moms are doing here and here), we have come to our own way of having an intentionally adventurous summer . . . me and a toddler, Liza-style.

We will be having a theme each week for the next 10 weeks of summer.  The themes will be pretty elementary (Colors Week, Numbers Week, Transportation Week).  But it will give me some broad structure, it will focus us to be intentional with Cole in his learning and provide ideas and inspiration for little activities and adventures.

There are other things I plan to blog about as well.  And there are things I wanted to blog about and will catch up on.  So I am in.  I will be writing and reaching out.  I am open to any and all ideas and suggestions for how to have a wonderful, intentional, adventurous summer with a little boy.

Happy Summer!