Halibut Point is a special place in the world.

One walks through a wooded path up to this view: a fresh water quarry, and just behind is the Atlantic.  It is a beautiful spot.  Andrew and I have walked around the quarry together since we first started dating.  It was here that we decided to jump into the adoption process.

And it was to Halibut I went when I learned that the birthmother we were working with, Darla, had decided not to put her little boy up for adoption.  That was June 1, 2009.

On that day, as I prayed, I sensed that Darla’s baby boy would still come to be a part of our family, that we were still at the beginning of a journey.

Colton was born on June 22, 2009.

We did not know.  Darla went to the hospital alone, informing no one. No one was there to celebrate his birth.

When we learned, a week later of his arrival, he and his birth-mother were separated.  He spent his first days in this world in the arms of nurses.  We thank God for those nurses.

We longed for him, fought for him, begged for him.  And all along I remembered that day on June 1, when I sat at Halibut Point on a granite bench and held the peace that he was going to be coming to us.

On August 1, all the doors shut.  We were told that we would never be permitted to adopt him, even if he did go up for adoption.  And we let go.

I never knew what to do with “the knowing.”  I let it go.

And then five months later we got a phone call and he did come to us.  We brought him to Halibut, many times.  And last year when we dedicated him and celebrated his first birthday, we brought our family and friends to Halibut Point as well.

It was a sacred day.

Cole and I returned to Halibut together for my fortieth birthday.

And we kicked off his birthday week with a trip up to the granite bench where I sat and felt as if God was assuring me that one day Colton would be our little guy.

He looks like such a big boy as we headed in . . .

I love that when he saw the bench he ran to get on it.

I explained to him that it is our bench, our special spot.

I told him about his birthmother and how he is adopted.

And then he was off and running again.

Our first week of summer has an easy theme . . . it is BIRTHDAY WEEK!  Cole is learning about his birthday.