Lesson 1 about Birthday Week is that you should do some of your favorite things the week of your birthday.

One of Cole’s favorite things is . . . the Guitar Man (the Music Man as he is more widely known, his friends and family call him Brian Doser).  To see Cole’s first experience see this post.

Cole has gotten much more bold . . . here is a previous video from May of how Cole enjoys the Guitar Man these days . . . he can still be a little shy, but mostly he is out dancing and singing.

Here is Cole enjoying the song “Jump/Freeze”

Sometimes the Guitar Man knocks him off his feet.

At the end of the day we talked to the Guitar Man, letting him know that it was Colton’s birthday this week, asking if we could get a picture . . . Colton got shy once again.  So we took a picture of the Guitar Man as he sang “Happy Birthday” to Colton

And then . . . as a little preview of what Cole did today on his actual birthday, we were out and about and ran into . . .The Guitar Man!  Cole literally had stars in his eyes.

Here is a picture of Cole with the Guitar Man!

Thanks for the picture Mémé!

Look at those two guys looking at each other, pretty great!

Cole is loving all he is getting to do during Birthday Week!