Two years ago in June, Colton was born and spent his first days in the hospital, alone.  There was great concern that he would be born addicted to drugs or that he would have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

The tremendous news was that he was healthy.  The hard news was that he was not allowed to come home to us, though we were ready for him.

Two years ago in July, Colton was in the home of a foster mother in Dorchester.  He was cared for. And though we were told he would never be able to come to our home, we knew that he would be taken care of.


Today we received a phone call . . .


There was a baby born in June.

He was born addicted to drugs.

He has been alone in the hospital for almost a month.


Would we be able to care for him?  Could we be his foster placement?


We are struggling to answer that question today.  Our hearts want to, but we don’t know that it is feasible.

Will you pray with us for this little boy?