So we have been blogging about our Roadtrip, driving 1500 miles with Cole, and the places we stayed.

We did a lot of driving, including into and through New York City . . .

But we did stop and play along the way.  We believe in the philosophy of “Adventure & Retreat,” so we did a good job of balancing those two joys . .  .

When we saw this sign as we headed out through Amish Country in Pennsylvania, we couldn’t pass it up . . .

Buggy after buggy drove by us on the road.  I told Andrew I wished someone would do a documentary on what it was like to grow up Amish.  He told me he thought someone had . . . got to find out the name of that.

I always think of myself as connected to the Amish . . . because I was an extra in a movie in high school (not a very interesting movie; I am in it for under 1 minute movie called The Wizard of Loneliness).  The movie is not about the Amish, but it stars Lukas Haas, who was in a movie about the Amish, called Witness . . . I digress

We went on a buggy ride.  Colton loved it.

And we enjoyed the Amish countryside at a slower pace . . .

What a lovely road trip.