I grew up doing local theater.  From the age of nine I was in this opera house about three days a week May – October.

The theater has a hand-painted proscenium curtain, painted by a Vermont artist, Charles Hardin Andrus, in 1911.

Every show I was in sat guarded by this curtain and when it lifted, a new adventure began.

For years I had no idea what the painting was of . . . but then in college my boyfriend’s car broke down in Natural Bridge, Virginia and I saw this place in person and it is stunning.  Hardin, the artist said it was one of the seven wonders of the world . . . and that Vermont was the eighth, so he he painted Natural Bridge, with Killington, a Vermont mountain, in the background.


On our road trip I got to share Natural Bridge with my boys, and how happy my heart was that they both loved it.  Honestly, pictures do not do it justice, it is magnificent.


Legend is that George Washington carved his initials into the rock, there is a white box around it.  Thomas Jefferson bought 157 acres including Natural Bridge and built a cabin here.  It is a beautiful and historic place.

It was a great stop for all of us, and with your ticket one received entrance into the butterfly exhibit, the indian village and the wax museum . . . so we explored everything!


We loved visiting Natural Bridge, Virginia.

One last note . . .

My favorite blog is Young House Love.  It is the first blog I started following and I am convinced that we would enjoy hanging out with its two authors, Sherry and John.

Well when we arrived home from our Road Trip, I saw this post on their blog . . . we were there around the same time!  Oh my goodness!  Now that would have been my celebrity moment, meeting Sherry, John, and there little Clara . . . almost serendipitous . . .