What is one of your favorite funny Sharpteam memories?


“Ah! Oh my goodness you scared the heck out of me.”

This is the scenario that played out numerous times in the Sharpteam house. Liza for some funny reason thought it would be amusing to hide and then jump out at me when I was least expecting it. She started this when we were in Gloucester. She then perfected it in Houston.


For a while it was a weekly if not daily occurrence. It makes me laugh even now to think about my wife getting such a kick out of something so simple.

It’s not my favorite to be startled, but for my wife, I would gladly have my heart jump into my throat to see the glee in Liza’s eyes and to see her do the little dance that says, “I got you good that time”.

Liza hiding

I think what I so appreciate is that I know it is never Liza’s desire to scare me, but to have a moment where we can laugh and to keep things exciting.

To my wife who loves to make all things fun, thanks for keeping me laughing.